Finding the Perfect Winter Wedding Dress

Having a winter wedding outdoors can seem only magical with the white snow covering the environment. You’ll have to remember while the atmosphere seems magical, you and your guests are going to be freezing cold outdoors, which means a normal dress just won’t work. To make your wedding perfect, you’ll need to look into a winter style dress and consultation from a wedding planning site.

Find a Layered Dress

Wedding dresses already are layered, but finding one with long sleeves and layered all over the dress can ensure that you’ll stay comfortable and warm throughout the ceremony. Considering looking into wedding dresses that have a thick bodice to keep your torso warm. A fuller skirt with multiple layers is also an ideal way to go. If you can’t find any on the market then consider adding extra layers of tulle on the inside of your dress, as this thicker fabric will help keep you insulated. Always opt for long sleeved dresses, as this will help keep your upper body from freezing. Consider even constructing a coat made especially to be worn over the wedding dress that you can remove and put back on after you’re done with your vows.

Choose Warm Undergarments

So many brides already wear stockings on their wedding day, so why not get a winter version? If you have contacted a wedding planning service, they will advise you that you should take it up a notch by wearing fleece tights or a type of insulated leggings that match well with the dress. Try to find one that isn’t super bulky, because it might ruin the look of the dress. Consider also wearing a few other types of undergarments that can keep you warm such as a thicker bodysuit and shapewear. By using warm undergarments, you can easily keep the stylish look of your bridal gown while also staying warm in the process. No need to be shivering at the wedding alter. Check here.

Invest in a Bolero

Boleros aren’t for everyone, as you might not enjoy the style of one on top of your wedding gown. However, these are a sure way of ensuring that you’re kept warm during your wedding ceremony. They are made from a wide variety of different materials and you can even get some in faux or real furs. These boleros add an elegant and classy look, so why not use one if you’re planning to be outdoors for your wedding? Wedding planners can also assist in finding you one that will complement your dress and be within your budget.


Outdoor winter weddings are beautiful and can be an enchanting experience with all the environment covered in soft white snowflakes. Making sure that you and your guests are dressed for the right occasion is a must. Wedding and event planners can help assist you with finding the right clothing, dress, and any other details that you may need in order for your wedding to run as picture perfect as possible. Visit:  www.AkronPhotoBooth.net


Stop Stressing Too Much On Your Wedding Day

Let’s face it, wedding is a stressful event for the couple involved.

It is a special day and the marrying couple only wants the best, and only the best. After all, they’re going to get married only once if they’re lucky. It is natural for the couple to want everything to be perfect, just like they had imagined.

Unfortunately, wanting the perfect wedding and actually achieving it is really hard. A lot of planning goes to the wedding and it is rare that you get to achieve all that you’re set out to do unless you get a good wedding planner. You see, planning the wedding yourself is quite tricky. In fact, most couples that plan their wedding on their own ends up stressed out and tired before their wedding day.

Stressed out during wedding day

On their wedding day, the couples should be calm and relaxed. Being relaxed on that special day will make the day more enjoyable. Also, couples that are stress-free on that day look better overall. This is why it is important that you remain stress-free and hassle-free on that faithful day. It helps that you look good on your wedding day.

It is obvious when the couples are stressed out during their wedding. They are on edge and that can have a lasting effect on the ceremony. If they want to

How to remain stress-free during your wedding

One simple trick that works almost all the time is hiring a help. Hiring a wedding planner works every single time because they will do the planning thus carrying its burden for the couple. No more thinking about planning during the wedding day. All of the planning-related activities will be planned out by the wedding planner and they will do a better job than the couple considering their immense experience.

The wedding planner’s job is to plan the wedding and that is why they are better at it than any first-time wedding couples. They have the experience to do the job perfectly. They also have the right contacts to vendors that is necessary during the planning phase. What makes them great for planning is they already have an idea of how to do it. They don’t start from scratch, unlike first-time marrying couple.

Benefits of hiring a planner

First benefit is now you can relax. You will spend a bit more hiring a help but that is worth the free time and peace of mind, don’t you think?

Another good benefit is they will streamline the process tremendously. You just need to be there when setting up the final decision and that is all you have to do. Tell them your budget and the theme of your wedding and they’ll take care of most of the planning. Just be there when the final decision is needed and you’re good to go.



Wedding Planners For My Themed Wedding?

If you want to have a hassle-free wedding planning, you need to hire a good wedding planner. A good wedding planner will make sure that everything in your wedding is taken care of. You are basically off-loading your stress and hassle to them. They will take care of everything that you need for your wedding. Wedding planners will make sure that the most important day of your life is perfect in every way. After all, you only get married once (optimistic view) so you want to make it as special as possible.

Planning a Themed Wedding

If you want to make your wedding only yours, and be extra unique, you need to look into themed wedding planners. Basically, themed wedding planners are well-versed in unique weddings and can make arrangement to accommodate this type of wedding. This type of wedding is actually harder to plan for because some of the things you need are not that common. For instance, if you want a galaxy themed wedding, you need to find a venue that can cater to that design. It is basically a more expensive kind of wedding but it is indeed more unique, and honestly, quite fun to plan for.

The cost of your themed wedding will depend on how unique your wedding is. If your wedding is traditional with only a dash of uniqueness, it won’t actually cost that much. For more unique weddings like Indian or Persian style weddings, it would cost more. That is due to the demand of the items for your wedding. Only a few shops offer themed wedding packages and this can jack up the price. It’s a basic supply and demand situation.

For More Unique Weddings

For more unique themed weddings, that price will, of course, be more expensive. While Indian or Mediterranean weddings are considered unique, you can still find many providers or planners for that. For the most unique weddings, you may need to work with professionals. For instance, if you want a Game of Thrones type of wedding, you need to hire a wedding planner that is willing to work with that. Many times, event planners shy away from unique events because they don’t have the necessary experience. There are many planners that can make it work but as I’ve said, they would charge considerably more.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you are on budget but you still want to make a unique wedding for yourself, you need to look into other options. One great option is to go traditional wedding but with some twist. A good example is a traditional wedding with western twist. All you need for that are cowboy hats and the attitude that comes with it and you’re ready to go. Wedding planners may not even charge extra because of how available all of the items are.


Overall, you can get a themed wedding if you have the right budget. However, if you have a limited budget, you can settle with something traditional with a few twists. Both of these options guarantee that you will get that unique wedding you wish for.


6 secret your wedding planner don’t want you to know

A wedding planner knows that he or she has been given the privilege to plan, organize greatest day in a couple’s life and one day where nothing less than perfection is going to be acceptable. While planning a wedding, the planner knows that the secrets of success are the wedding accessories formulate the most important part of the entire function. Normally, the planning stage is divided into three stages, before the wedding, during the wedding and of course cleaning up after the vows have been made. But in the cause of this arrangement there are 6 things known only by your wedding planner and they are

  1. They may go along with a terrible idea to keep their clients happy

It’s baffling to think that someone would hire a wedding planner and not listen to anything they have to say, but there are a lot of brides who plan their wedding from the ground up and treat their planners like glorified personal assistants. A bride may insist on having an outdoor wedding during the rainy season, or could demand that she has floral arrangements that are way out of her budget, and most of the times their wedding planners will silently nod and make their bad ideas happen

  1. They’re probably tired of your mother and mother-in-law

You may not care too much about the lettering of your wedding invitations, but your mom can’t stop going on about how she hates the font. There are a lot of wedding planners who have no problem keeping their clients happy, but when it comes to dealing with pushy mothers and mother-in-laws most planners want to tear their hair out. Nobody likes being talked down to, and when wedding planners with 10+ years of experience have a mother giving them a detailed list about everything they hate and would change about the wedding planners have to bite their tongue. Click here !

  1. They’ll keep wedding day snafus a secret from brides

Imagine that you’re a wedding planner that’s getting ready to head over to the reception hall on your client’s big day. Now imagine that as soon as you walk in you notice that the shifty catering staff is casually munching on a piece of your client’s wedding cake, and that you’ve just gotten a text from the DJ you hired saying that he can’t make it today. How would you handle this? A true wedding planner would say that they would devote all of their time and energy to not only fixing the problem, but to also keeping the bride from finding out about the mini emergencies.

  1. They do not like wedding without enough money

Wedding planners do not want to or love planning for a wedding whereby the couples or family relations has little or low income. This has been one of their biggest secrets so far.

  1. They want the best for you

They work hard to make sure that their clients have wonderful weddings, and they aren’t afraid to get dirty while doing it.

  1. They give best cake baking prices

Your wedding planner will Pick out gorgeous floral arrangements and save you 20% on your catering budget.

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Competent Wedding Planner – How to Spot One

Wedding planners are just recent inventions in case you didn’t know. A century ago, most weddings are held within a courtyard of one’s house. Back then, extravagant weddings are only reserved for people of high status and wealth. Fast forward to today and almost every wedding became a big event. Even small weddings come with so much planning involved that planning the wedding themselves became impractical.

Weddings have become so complicated because of so many things. In just several decades, weddings transformed from a simple gathering into this big occasion that should be held at someplace unique. Because of social media, most wedding couples want something that is unique to their likings. While traditional weddings are still the preferred option by couples, they want something unique for their wedding. They may include some unique theme on their wedding to ensure that their wedding style is theirs alone.

The need for wedding planners

The usual wedding tradition is a man proposes to his girlfriend and they plan their wedding. It would take about 3 – 6 months of planning and that is enough for a somewhat big wedding. Today, everything is different. Lifestyles today are so much different from back then. We are now so busy with so many things that taking care of an event seems unworthy of our time. This is how event planners became prevalent in the wedding industry. Most couples today can’t be bothered with planning their wedding that they need to hire wedding planners to plan their wedding for them.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, this is the better option since the couple will not be stressed out during the planning phase. Wedding planning is a very stressful process. Organizing an event this big and important will take a toll on someone without experience. A couple planning their own wedding will quickly find that organizing an event of that magnitude without contacts is impossible.

Planning the perfect wedding

Event and wedding planners will take care of all things related to the wedding. They have the right experience for the job. Wedding planners have all the important contacts for your wedding needs. They are familiar with most wedding themes and can easily arrange a unique wedding if they know your vision.

You can find many wedding planners in your area. There are so many of them that you can select based on your needs. If you want a traditional church wedding, just hire your normal wedding planner and you’ll be set. If you have something a little bit more unique like an Indian wedding for instance, you need to find a wedding planner that specializes on it. Basically, any kind of wedding, you can easily find a wedding planner that have the right experience.


The Worst Wedding Planning Advice Ever, According To Actual Wedding Planners

 I bet no one would want to look back to their wedding day and remember that particular thing or series of stuff that went wrong because of the wedding planner. The wedding day is supposed to be second best day of ones, the best being the day you probably fell in love.

Who is a good wedding planner?

There is good advice, and there are wedding planners, who can give adequate guidance and wedding plans, but there is advice that sucks, and it would make the whole ceremony a sham. I am about to take you on this trip to enlighten you about some of the worst wedding planning advice that can make your wedding ceremony a mock.

Everyone including relatives, friends married single, or divorce wants to give free tips on wedding planning, where the best pieces of advice come from wedding and event planners. Here are examples of bad bits of information the couple should ignore:

Examples of worst wedding planning advice


  • Telling you to tell the guest to arrive at the ceremony earlier than the proper time, every guest invited to a wedding ceremony knows the time taken for the guest to come to the wedding. Telling them to come earlier than the required time could cause confusion, wedding planner know that they needed a chance to take for the even to place and for the arrival of the guest.
  • The issue of budget planning is also important; you should not allow some who probably got marries in the twentieth century or got marries in another state to tell you how much to spends for example in the case of flowers. Allow your wedding planner to give budget as required by each vendor.
  • Ignoring the possibility of inclement weather is highly irresponsible, what if it snows or rain, will you start running in your bridal wears or suit helter-skelter. There should be a plan B in case of an adverse or unfavorable weather. A good wedding and event planner will sure put in place a plan B.
  • Some people will advise you to invite everyone possible, thinking that everyone invited would not be present, the question is what if most of them decide to show up, and you do not have plans for many guests. We have to be careful to check your budget when inviting a guest to your wedding ceremony, be strategic and decisive, and you will have to be able to entertain and account for the individual guest present, you don’t have to invite everyone, and you think not everyone will come. A wedding and event planner will guide you on the number of the invitation of the guest.
  • Most people are of the notion that a videographer should come at the beginning of the budget. When running a low budget and you are thinking of whom to call in a photographer and a videographer, you should call a videographer; video carries all moments that the pictures do not give. Years after your wedding should you want to take a look at your wedding ceremony videos and should you see the amazing way you danced it’s a priceless moment; a photographer might miss this moment. A wedding and event planner would put a videographer at the very beginning of the budget.
  • Do not listen to the idea of not calling a day of coordinator for your wedding event, without this people you will be stuck dealing with little details you should not worry about, a wedding and event planner comes in here. Find out more in this site : http://akronweddingplanning.com/

How to Choose the Best Wedding and Event Planners for Your Special Day

Choosing an event planner can be a nightmare for most. It looks complicated and in all honesty, it’s the dreaded task for millions! The problem is planning a wedding or indeed any special event can be extremely tough. You have so many things to do and in so little time but that is why planners are there. You can also visit our link:http://hirelimocardiff.com/3-cheap-wedding-ideas-follow/ here for more information. A party planner is the very best person to handle everything when it comes to organizing a party. They can communicate with the flower and catering companies, not to mention keep a level head, they are in fact invaluable! However how can you choose the best wedding and events planner?

What Does Your Planner Specialize In?

Party planners come in all forms. There are some who primarily deal with birthday parties while others deal with weddings and anniversary parties. However you need a planner who specializes in your special event. If you want to throw a special birthday party then you need a party planner with experience in this field or if you’re planning a wedding you need a wedding planner. Often people forget about this when choosing a planner so it’s important for you to make sure the person you choose is an actual wedding planner.

How to Choose the Best Wedding and Event Planners for Your Special Day

Find Out the Total Price for Their Planning Packages

Wedding and event planners usually offer a variety of packages for their clients. There will be some who will organize the wedding ceremony as well as the after party; and there will be planners who offer additional services. Services such as photography and video-making are extremely popular for those planning a wedding and many planners can assist with these things too. However every planner charges for their services and it’s important to find out the fees so you don’t receive a nasty shock later. When you know what the planners offer and have decided what you want, ensure you know the total fees. If you aren’t happy you could negotiate for a better deal or look elsewhere.

Meet Up With the Wedding Planner

Your event planner needs to be on the same page as you at all times so that you can be assured your special day is going to go exactly how you want. It’s hard for anyone, even experienced planners, to plan an event for someone they barely know which is why you need to have a good talk with them first. Meet up with the planner and go over your ideas and what you want; and don’t forget to listen to their ideas too and combine your thoughts also. You can also checkout site here for more information. This can be very useful in giving you an idea as to whether or not this planner is the right fit for your special day. If your ideas are completely different or you don’t feel as though they will listen to your needs then you may want to consider someone else.

Take Everything into Consideration before Making the Final Decision

When it comes to choosing the very best wedding and event planners you need to think very carefully about what they offer you. This isn’t just about the cost or the packages they can offer you on your big day but their history and reputation within the event planning industry as well as how comfortable you feel with them organizing things. Everything must be taken into account when choosing an event or wedding planner. It is an important choice and one which cannot be taken lightly.

Choose Carefully

You want your day to be special and you want to ensure it goes off without a hitch which is why a planner is needed. Having someone to deal with the minor and major tasks associated with a wedding or special event can be a lot easier. Planners know what needs to be done and understands how emotions these events can be; they can take the burden from your shoulders. Wedding and event planners are needed for your special day and choosing one doesn’t need to be impossible.


Essential Tips for Planning a Wedding Like an Event Professional

Arranging your own particular wedding can now and again feel overpowering and distressing, however in the event that you take after these anxiety free tips underneath, you will discover arranging a wedding will be smooth cruising, and more agreeable from a wedding and event planners occasion proficient mentality.

1) Set a Budget, and Stick To It

Weddings can be extremely costly, and simply like whatever other occasion, you might wind up needing to add extra things to your expert rundown closer to the occasion date, which might not have been in your set spending plan.

Make a financial plan and stick to it. In the event that you think you might have “list of things to get” things that will appear closer to the season of the wedding, include those things in with your set spending plan from the earliest starting point. Mean to never surpass the set sum you have planned for from the very first moment.

2) Create a Timeline

Other than the financial backing, a timetable is the most imperative piece of arranging a wedding as an event planner. Add to a sensible course of events, fit to your timetable, and delineate due dates on a schedule. You will discover understood wedding planning sites give agendas with courses of events to you, so make sure to take after these when arranging out your timetable. Contingent upon the timing of the wedding, you will need to guarantee you have adequate time to arrange and embed orders that can set aside additional time than others. For more info : http://akronweddingplanning.com/

3) Find Event Tools Fit For You

Occasion devices are an occasion organizers closest companion! Other than internet wedding and event planners, search for occasion applications with spending plans, agendas and updates that are utilized for weddings, or on the off chance that you want to utilize your go-to occasion arranging applications, those will work fine and dandy.

4) Choose the Important Details

When you have arranged out the monetary allowance and timetable of the wedding, it’s an ideal opportunity to make sense of the most imperative points of interest of all. The extent of the wedding planning will decide more from a financial plan viewpoint, so to start with, make a visitor list and stick to it as close as could be expected under the circumstances. When you have finished the rundown, proceed onward to selecting a venue,

5) Design with Quality

You might have a few configuration assets you use for occasions on a yearly premise, and if one rings a bell for a wedding, make sure to connect and request their outline signs, welcomes, programs and spare the dates! There’s nothing more exceptional than a custom, imaginative wedding set with an extraordinary turn flaunting the style and character of the cheerful couple! Check here.

6) Vendors are Your Golden Ticket

Be steady while enlisting sellers. Find references for the majority of your sellers, and make a spreadsheet with contact data, and a move down contact for all merchants. As a general wedding planning guideline, never forget sellers are in any case as any trade show or corporate occasion merchant, yet for this situation, they may be a DJ, sustenance and drink cook, lighting and stylistic layout or photograph stall organization, bloom shop, or wedding dress boutique.

It’s vital to set up gatherings with wedding planners, have follow-up gatherings, ensure your contacts feel like an expansion of you from the very get-go. Together, you are all making one expert experience for the spouse, prep, and wedding visitors.


Make Your Wedding Memorable with Limousine Hire

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As you finalize the details for your marriage celebration, consider hiring limousine service. A luxurious, chauffeur-driven limo will not only add a touch of luxury to your celebration; it will provide you with peace of mind, as well as comfortable and reliable transportation. How can renting a limo help you?

Who’s the Best Provider?

As you consider using the services of a professional driver, carefully investigate the companies you’re considering contracting. If you’ve seen a car used at a recent event, ask the organizer for a reference. You can also thumb through the yellow pages of your local telephone directory. Also, use the internet to help identify qualified services, reading customer feedback carefully. The goal is to be able to enjoy the company of your partner, leaving the driving to the professionals. Reliable, luxurious limo service can move you from home to church to reception and on to your hotel or airport.

What’s the Perfect Vehicle For Your Event?

Will a traditional luxury sedan for you and your partner be the best choice, or would you prefer a larger vehicle that will adequately accommodate the bride, her attendants, and the billowing skirts that require a more spacious surrounding? Some limo rentals come equipped with a special, wider door that allows for a more graceful entrance and exit for the bride and her attendants. If this is a desirable feature, be sure to ask specifically for availability.

What Vehicles Are Available To You?

As you negotiate for limo rental services, have your notes on hand as to what your needs include: how many people will be transported by limousine, and what are the accommodations you would like to have available? Are you looking forward to the use of the onboard bar and sound system for the entire wedding party, or does the more intimate comfort of a plush town car appeal to you? Decide what best fits your budget and negotiate with your transportation provider. Will you be needing transportation only for the bridal couple, or will the entire bridal party be sharing a pair of stretch limousines? If so, ask for a package price.

What’s Your Dream Vehicle?

Is a traditional car or luxury van your preference, or would you like to use something a bit more distinctive? Some cities have open or closed horse-drawn carriages that can be decorated with flowers and bunting. Even the horses’ tack can be decorated, in some cases. You might like to enjoy the luxury of days gone by. There are some limo rental companies that specialize in unusual, one-of-a-kind vintage automobiles. If you have your heart set on that forest green Jaguar with the leather interior, you may have to contact your local antique automobile association. Be persistent! This may be a service your wedding planner can track down for you.

Begin early as you make your plans to rent a limo for your celebration, and ask to see the vehicles available so that you’re completely confident in your selection and its accommodations.

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Where to find your perfect photographer

Finding a wedding photographer can be a tricky business so it is important to speak to as many as possible to see what each photographer can offer. What may be right for one person may not fit what you’re looking for so the key is to do plenty of research and to ask lots of questions.

Photography Websites

Most people these days will start their search for a wedding photographer on the Internet. Most professional photographers will have a professional website and this can give you idea of a photographers work and the packages they offer. When searching for photographers on popular search engines use specific keywords to find photographers in your location. For example rather than simply searching “Wedding Photographer” try searching “Wedding Photographer Manchester” this will narrow down your search and make it much easier to find someone who covers you location.

A website is a great place to view a photographers previous work. Look for the site to have a range of images from various weddings. If a website only has one wedding in the portfolio the chances are the photographer may not have much experience in wedding photography and may have even hired models to act as if they are at a wedding.

There are also lots of wedding directories on the Internet that will contain many suppliers. Beware, just because a photographer is in these directory’s does not mean they are the best as often they simply add anyone who signs up or pays a fee.


Do not rely on the Internet alone to find a photographer. There are many other great resources that can help you find some great companies for your wedding. The first is actually the most obvious. Ask you friends. If you know anyone who has recently been married ask them whom they had as there photographer and if they were happy with the services they provided. Ask to see their images or album and for any contact details they have. A referral is a great way to find more about the photographer other than just there work as you can get information about the full services they had including the photographers personality and manor on the wedding day.

Wedding Shows.

Wedding shows are a perfect way to get loads of information from many different wedding suppliers and every wedding fair will always have a selection of photographers. Wedding shows work great because they give you a chance to meet the photographer a swell as see their work. You can ask as many questions as you want without any pressure. Again do not allow photographers to sell to you. A good photographer will not pressure you to sign up there and then. If you are interested take lots of details and arrange a time to meet at a later date after you have done some further research.

Meet the photographer

Once you have found some photographers whose work you like and who’s packages fit your budget ask the photographer to meet you so you can see some of the photography in person. Ask to see various whole wedding albums with everything covered. Most professional photographers will be happy to come to your home at a time that suits you to discuss your wedding. Expect the photographer to be informative and answer all your questions but not pressure you to book.

wedding photographer

This is a chance for you to gain as much information as possible not simply a sales pitch for the photographer. Try and meet several photographers so you can get a comparison and ask lots of questions. Don’t forget to keep a record of the photographer’s answers so you can compare more later. If after meeting the photographers you are not sure of who to book don’t be afraid to ask to meet them again or call with any further questions.Learn more detailed information at http://columbusphotoboothrental.net

With these few steps you will find a whole host of photographers with different prices and styles and the key is to find the right one for you. If you are unsure or suspicious of anything don’t book them. There is a photographer out there for everyone.