The Qualities of a Good Event Planner

Getting a good event planner can be very important when it comes to planning a special event. No one wants to choose the wrong planner because they might not be able to offer the best quality for the job. However, hiring a professional planner can seem such a daunting task especially when you have no experience in dealing with these people before. So, here are a few qualities of a good event planner you might want to consider looking my latest blog post at

Good Listener

First and foremost, the number one quality of wedding and event planners must be their communication skills, especially their listening skills! A good listener is someone you always want to find simply because what you want has to be there. If a planner takes the time to listen to the type of ideas or suggestions you have, it will make for a smoother run. The project can run smoothly and you can create one amazing party.


One of the best qualities of a good event planner must be their creativity. Now, ideally the planner you choose will be someone who has a creative flare or side because it will help in so many ways. For a start you can bounce ideas against one another and see what stands out as well as get real advice over what would be suitable for a certain occasion. This is really important to look for in an events planner.

Friendly and Welcoming

If you cannot connect with the event planner, it’s a sign there is going to be trouble. Sometimes, it does take a while to click with a new person but if the wedding and event planners are not welcoming or friendly then it’s time to look elsewhere. All planners need to be welcoming and be friendly so that you feel comfortable talking to them and feel comfortable in letting them deal with your special event.

A Good Sense of Direction

Ideally an event planner shouldn’t be all over the place because it doesn’t send off any good vibes. Planners who are professional, calm and effective are the people you want to consider more so than ever before. Of course, planners may have their off times when things are a little messy but having little or no direction whatsoever about an event is not something you should look for. All planners must have a sense of direction and have a nose for which direction the party should be heading to.

Get the Best

Wedding and event planners

Finding a good events planner can at times be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. When you are planning a special event and want the best then you might need to consider an events planner. However, don’t just choose any planner, take the time to find one with good qualities and find one you are comfortable with also. There are many great planners out there that will easily help you plan and create a wonderful party so don’t be afraid to find them. Wedding and event planners can be excellent to create a magical evening.